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A long time passed since I completed my studies in economics and business administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem - studies that led me to intensive work in project management in various companies in Israel and abroad - and until I decided to stop the race one day and find time for my true loves:
                                                        Jewelry Design
                                                                               And fashion 
And so,
In the transition from work to work and from project to project
At the end of a long day's work in the office and before the next one begins ...
I create jewelry accessories and clothes
The jewelry is made of gold, silver and e precious stones
I like to combine an ancient techniques like Filigree with modern and contemporary motifs wich gives the jewels a unique and attractive look
To create  large and dramatic jewelry alongside small, delicate jewelry
Every piece of jewelry hides:
   Dreams I dreamed
          Experiences I've undergone
                  Songs that touched me
                          Stories engraved in my memory
                                        Or just temporary moods
    The jewelry comes out of my heart and they are on their way to                                        another heart that will adopt them
                                                                      Etty Tayar
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